August 1, 2019

Fethiye is located in the Aegean region, where its beachfront location gives it a new meaning to the beautiful turquoise color.It has the beaches and islands in the Aegean region, and it is like a paradise for your holiday amidst the amazing nature and impressive historical sites. This beautiful city was founded in the 5th century BC. It was formerly known as the ancient city of Telmius. Moreover, Fethiye was also a center of prophecy, known as the city of priests, one of the most contemporary cities in the Roman and Byzantine era. The city took the name of Fethiye after it came under Ottoman rule in 1424 where it was renamed Fethiye in memory of the martyr pilot Fathi Bey in 1934.

Tourist places in Fethiye:

Rock Tombs:

The Lycian Rock Tombs are tombs depicting veterans and their sculptures.They are archaeological tombs carved in the cliffs within the city.The remnants of the castle believed to have been built by the Knights of St. John lie on the plateau in the south of the city. It is easy to walk to the entrance and climb to the tombs, but you must have a good level of fitness and if you choose to walk to the entrance of the graves of Fethiye, you may find yourself once you arrive breathlessly pick up after climbing. From this height at the entrance to the tombs you can see the wonderful views open to the city of Fethiye and the port is one of the wonders of the city.

Goji village

The village of Gocek is characterized by the presence of dozens of small bays and intermediate sea lanes that give it a wonderful appearance and a special place for sailing yachts, as well as many wonderful beaches to which tourists are constantly attracted, and the tourist activity in the region around the harbor, which is the starting point for trips to the bays and neighboring islands in group tours Or private trips, the center of many restaurants and markets as well as beautiful boutique hotels. The distinctiveness of the region comes not only from being a global place for sailing, but also from the distinctive way culture blends with nature.

Gocek Village:


Located 5 km from Hisar Uno in Fethiye, the pine-filled road takes you to the ghost town known as Kayaköy, which is connected by a 6-kilometer road to Gemayel Bay, where the most popular beach is opposite the beautiful Gemayel Island. Regular trips from Fethiye to Kayaköy, a magnificent open-air museum.

Bay of Cleopatra Pools:

The bay of Cleopatra baths is a magnificent shape and wonderful bay characterized by its large size, as it is spreading wonderful pine trees that increase its aesthetic form and the color of water ranges from dark blue to light as you approach the beach. A Roman bath, in order to be a gift to her on one of her visits to the Anatolian beaches.

Fethiye Museum:

The museum is located in Fethiye, Turkey, on a road just a 5-minute walk from the main bus station.When you enter the main gate of the museum you will notice Wood Mila Park on the left and lined with Tlos statues. There is not enough information about the artifacts in the park, but there is a sign for each indicating where they were discovered and the time they belong to. Most of the pieces discovered belong to the local area of ​​Fethiye and belong to the Lycian, Roman, Greek and Byzantine eras. There is also a water fountain in the middle of the park, which increases the beauty, the museum displays the monuments discovered in the region, where it is a favorite beloved by lovers and lovers of the discovery of history and ancient cultures. The museum consists of two separate halls and each area lights up as you enter. In the museum you can see a lot of antiquities and artifacts such as artifacts and jewelry where the predominant pieces, and there is also a wonderful mosaic painting, discovered in the ancient site Leyton.

The city of Fethiye is one of the most beautiful and most visited cities in Turkey, it takes its fame from its tourist attractions and unique landscapes

Exercise and many other activities, including parasols, yacht rides, camping, enjoy the charming and imaginative atmosphere and many other activities that we recommend you.

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