July 29, 2019

The Turkish city of Abant is a legend with its beauty and charm.

Abant Area:

Located in the northwest of Turkey, it is located in the center of Istanbul road, about 280 km or approximately 3 hours away from Istanbul.

It is worth mentioning that there is no special transportation to this area except in private cars.

What can you do in this city:

This area is characterized by the presence of a sweet fresh water lake length of 1350 meters and surrounded by 1150 hectares of vegetation This lake is located on the mountains of Abant and Cremali, which constitute the second row of the mountains of the Black Sea region around this lake there are three hills up between 1400 to 1700 meters The waters of this lake in the Bolu River with Abant Creek is a natural park.

There is also a camping area which uses about 330 tents a day.

There are several things to do in this area, some of which are mentioned here

A legendary and legendary place in this area has been revived near the lake and is often used in Turkish films and series. Old houses that have preserved their beauty and heritage from the 1970s can be visited to the present day which has become a symbol of tourist attractions. It has seven lakes and you can visit the tomb of Aks Shamseddine and the Middle Bath.

There is also within this region a horse and cart that can take a tour of the whole Abant region out.

There is also in this area Ormisi Plateau, which is characterized by old wooden houses and streets paved with stones, and there is also the Museum of Abant Wild which features fully wooden architecture and this museum is located at the entrance of Abant Lake completely inside the models of wild animals and plants within the Abant region of deer and others Of wild animals.

This region is distinct from other regions of Turkey that its beauty is shaped in every season of the year in the winter form of snow and Lake Abant covered with white sheets of ice and in summer and spring the beauty of camping and swimming in fresh water and vegetables in each ocean and in the autumn forms of fairy trees and imaginary How it falls.

All this magic and beauty and splendor exist in one area lakes and camping and fun and vegetables, forests, hills and hills.

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