Do you arrange the visa and how do I get it?

Firstly, the visa is an authorization by the Turkish government to enter Turkish territory wherever you want and it is okay to enter and stay in it and enjoy the beauty of the country and you have the right to enjoy the country within a specified period determined by you country.
Secondly, TAJWAL Travel and Tourism provides visa and visa service for any nationality, from any country and to any country, we do not solve things on our own.
Because you cannot get them regular and guaranteed without your presence in some specific places, but we offer you this service and be with you step by step to get it and for very nominal prices because we are not only to make money but our biggest goal is to help our Arab brothers who need help and our team here to help them.
You can get Turkey Visa electronically and the price varies from one country to another and for the GCC countries is limited to 20 USD for a period of 3 months from the date of issuance.

What are the best tourist destinations in Turkey during the winter?

They say those who go to Turkey and did not see the snow is not a visit, abound in Turkey many of the snow areas and resorts that have been favoured by visitors from everywhere to practice snowboarding, God Almighty has given Turkey a number of creative tourist areas that flock to visitors from everywhere.

Today we will talk about the most important places for tourists in Turkey to ski and spend a pleasant time amid the snow.

Davras Esparta, the Zegana region of Gumusz Jana,
Alma Dag district in Ankara and many other areas ….

What kind of private trips within Turkey does your company offer?

Each company has something special to distinguish from other companies, our company is characterized by providing services faster and provide all the amenities for our customers in Turkey in general and help them to spend their leisure holiday in Turkey and the most important thing is the trips and tours that our company offers.
There are many fictional areas that many people don’t know about
Communicate with our company and will provide you with a detailed explanation of all our tours.

How much does it cost to travel to Turkey?

It is self-evident to think about the expected costs of any trip when planning it, and when you think about traveling to Turkey will come to mind the following question, how much does it cost to travel to Turkey?
First of all you need to know that the choice of the date of the trip makes the cost of travel to Turkey varies from time to time depending on the seasons and dates of the year, especially if we talk about airline tickets and accommodation in hotels.
The estimated cost of traveling to Turkey for two people is $ 2750, including airline tickets, hotel reservations, transportation, food and personal expenses, and we help you with this any time you want.

Today we will talk about the most important places for tourists in Turkey to ski and spend a pleasant time amid the snow.

Davras Esparta, the Zegana region of Gumusz Jana,
Alma Dag district in Ankara and many other areas ….

How much does transportation cost in Turkey?

The cities of Turkey and the neighborhoods in each of them are connected to a huge network of transport and are highly developed, so you can decide what is the right way for you and the best of course, the movement within the city can be using public transport available from buses and subways and others and this option is the cheapest approximately $ 20 Or by renting a private car with a driver we provide this service at the most favorable prices.

How much do restaurants cost in Turkey?

For restaurants, there are plenty of options for you, but let’s classify them as follows:
Tourist restaurants and high-end, medium restaurants, these restaurants are characterized by the quality of the food they offer, and there are popular restaurants, which are simple restaurants offer traditional Turkish cuisine of meat and vegetables and others at cheap prices so you can eat 3 meals for $ 20.

What are the most famous Turkish cuisine that you recommend eating?

The most famous folk food known by Turkey, Iskandar Kebab, Turkish shawarma, meat with dough, Chi Kofta and others ….

What are the best markets in Istanbul?

Now we come to the markets in talking about the cost of travel to Turkey, the markets in Turkey are very diverse and many, there are modern shopping malls and there are historical markets.
The first of them is the big bazaar, the Egyptian market, the Arasta market and many more.

What are the most famous malls in Istanbul?

Cevahir Mall Forum Forum Istanbul Mall Galleria Ataköy Mall Akmerkez and many other malls and shopping …

What are the most important tips before traveling to Turkey?

Do not exchange currency in your country or the airport is often high and unsuitable, but you will find a lot of money exchange offices spread throughout Turkey to service without extra fees, we recommend you to buy a SIM card and put it in your mobile phone for use within the Turkish border, because making local calls from your line will incur costs Excessive, it is useful to learn some Turkish words before traveling to Turkey you may need to use them, and we recommend using a translation program on your mobile.
Finally, you should know that the cost of travel to Turkey depends mainly on the development of a good travel plan, starting from flight bookings and ending with personal expenses and planning where you want to visit.

What are the best times to travel to Turkey?

You may come to mind this question and answer it requires some details as mentioned at the beginning, Turkey is a diverse country and is a permanent tourist destination in all seasons of the year for you a chapter has its own cities for entertainment and fun.

What are the best telecom companies in Turkey?

There are three telecom companies in Turkey: Trukcell, Vodafone and Turk Telecom. The best for internet and telecommunications.