May 14, 2019

From our reality it is natural to see the museum above ground

What would you say if you were told that an underwater museum sees underwater stone figures?

How do you feel when you dive deep into the sea to see this fabulous archaeological museum?

Water Museum:

The Maritime Chamber of Commerce opened the first underwater museum in the European continent in the Turkish city of Adana after a continuous work of more than nine months and includes the museum, which aims to attract tourists from all over the world to see Turkey’s civilization to promote tourism and diving sport The history of the city of Anatolia is referred to as the museum is the second largest museum of water circulation in the world after the Great Museum located in Mexico and is the first in Turkey and in Europe The structures are statues of some sultans and Ottoman princes and pioneers of Turkish thought.

Anyone with a scuba dive can visit the museum for free, to encourage diving in Turkey and is expected to attract nearly 100,000 tourists annually out of 3 million people who do tourism for diving in the world.

In the first phase, and in the second phase, aimed at reaching a larger number of tourists, a large number of parks and restaurants around the museum were inaugurated. Another underwater city of Antalya.

A city without wonders with time evolves and its wonders and its beauty never end …

What else could Turkey create to distinguish itself from other countries?

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