September 20, 2018

The magnificence of black magic


Overlooking the Black Sea coast, the city of Trabzon is described as a paradise on earth with beautiful landscapes, as if it were a very beautiful and beautiful artistic painting. It is also a popular destination for the Arab tourist because of its quietness and distance from the crowded and bustle in addition to the elegant Trabzon hotels. Sumela Monastery or Monastery of the Rock is one of the most impressive monuments in Turkey, and is about an hour and a half from Trabzon, during which the traveler enjoys very good views of the dense forest surrounding the mountains, and up to the monastery, which is located on a mountain with a height of 1200 meters, overlooking A lot of climbing and walking up towards the summit to enjoy the panoramic views of breathtaking.

Trabzon is a city that takes its visitor to high levels of tourism, where tea or shisha from the highest elevation becomes Boztepe experience immortalized in the memory of the tourist, this place where people especially especially in the hot summer days to enjoy a view of the coast of Trabzon and houses that flirt with the sun at sunset. “Uzungol” is an elaborate painting whose visitors can only awaken his wonder and wonder of the magnificence of what he sees, the lake is about 100 km from Trabzon and is ideal for camping and overnight in wooden huts around the lake, and enjoy delicious fish dishes in the sea restaurants spread around the place, and for museum lovers A wonderful trip to the museum Sophia, which welcomes guests for free and offers a beautiful garden to take pictures, and for an exceptional shopping tour must visit the “Russian bazaar”, which is packed with people and offers various products and manufactures at cheap prices excellent, while the shopping mall Forum takes you to a modern shopping atmosphere, which extends over 3 floors with Full floor for restaurants, featuring international brands clothes at competitive prices do not repeat in Turkey.

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