March 1, 2019

Located north of the European section and overlooking the Bosphorus is wonderful and the closest areas of Belgrade forests and natural tourism areas in Istanbul, abound in Turabia apartments and residential houses that are rented in summer, and this area was very popular with the Gulf in previous years.The area of ​​Turbia is their former destination.

Features: The view of the Bosphorus and the pleasant atmosphere and the abundance of green areas and the presence of a wonderful hotel (Grand Turbia) which is a pleasure in itself…. The area in general is suitable for lovers of calm and relaxation.

Disadvantages: Distance from the center of Istanbul

It is far from the markets, malls, Sultanahmet, Taksim and others where between them and about an hour.

Public transportation is only available by bus and taxi.

The first thing you see on the way to Sariyer is the meeting of the Bosphorus with the Black Sea after the curvature of the river (Turabia) around this area there are summer houses, embassies and fish restaurants along the river line.

Turabia is considered since the seventeenth century Palace of ambassadors and noble people and is now one of the beautiful tourist areas on the Bosphorus is one of the important places and the hotel (Grand Hotel Trabia), a five-star government hotel and around this hotel abound restaurants, cafes and apartments rented by tourists has spread in the last period International Fast Food. The narrow road that leads to (Boekder) and continue the road to (Kelios) beaches Sariyer and Rumeli Cavic are the last ports of the European section of Istanbul and after several kilometers there are forests (Belgrade) These forests are one of the largest natural resorts in Istanbul.

The apartments in Turbia are many and the average price is $ 100.

If you like sightseeing in Sultanahmet, it is close to everything.

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