Istanbul Asian Side – Private Tour

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Show the tour program to the client and how to go and arrange the trip.

Depart from the hotel at 9 am and proceed via a bridge and enjoy the views of the bridges located in Istanbul.

And then head straight to the famous puppet hill for those looking for a scene to see all of Istanbul, it is only this hill is one of the high hills surrounding Istanbul from here you see Istanbul size as a painting in front of your eyes.

There you will find Turkish grooms who take pictures of the memorial there as a tradition that has been widespread since ancient times in Turkey.

And then go to the dancing lake Mall is Watercard Mall and called the dancing lake Mall, because of the presence of the dancing fountain inside this huge mall, which has a lot of shops, shopping, cafes and restaurants for a meal there and you take gifts from there and take the opportunity to see the water fountain show Accompanied by lights and music and then we head to Kadikoy.

The most famous street there is Baghdad Street, which is equivalent to the importance of Istiklal Street in Taksim and walks there adjacent to the Sea of ​​Marmara and you are shopping there and the acquisition of rare artifacts and then head to the famous Oskdar beach, a beach intended for Arabs and Turks, because of its beauty and views of the European party and from there you walk on The beach is there, seeing the famous girl’s tower, taking memorial photos, enjoying the magical scenery and the bright lights from everywhere.


Modern car for 5 person.
Driver with high experience in tourism and tour guide speaks Arabic, English and Turkish languages.
Transportation taxes and bridges crossing.
Vehicle expenses.
Personal expenses.
Gifts and souvenirs.
Halkoum sweet.

What to Expect :

Go to the Asian side — it’s one of the best things to do in Istanbul.
• A Foodie Welcome
markets with mess of produce and meat and fish jammed every which way, all for the sake of as many sales as possible.
the best lamucen in Istanbul, they only have two things on the menu: lamacun and pide, a boat-shaped pizza-like concoction.
• Turkish coffee — one of few beverages that everybody like.
• Kadikoy has a modern feel to it, even more so than the Taksim area.
• The Moda area, tattoo shops, and cafes filled to the brim with birdcages. The graffiti here is most definitely street art, reflecting the hippie community.
• market that have the souvenirs.
• The Local Wildlife.
Istanbul is home to a significant stray cat population.
As you can imagine, some of these Istanbul kitties live like royalty.
• Water’s Edge.
Kadikoy’s best feature, however,  it’s waterfront. It snakes along the edge of the land for miles, taking in fantastic views of the Sultanahmet skyline.• Head to the puppet hill to take commemorative photos at the top of the hill in Istanbul to see the beauty of Istanbul from the top and enjoy the types of roses and trees rare.



The Hotel

• Go to the Asian section through one of the ancient bridges of Istanbul.


Çamlıca Tepesi

• Head to the puppet hill to take commemorative photos at the top of the hill in Istanbul to see the beauty of Istanbul from the top and enjoy the types of roses and trees rare.


Watergarden İstanbul

• Go to the Dancing Lake Mall to have fun in this large mall and watch the fountain show accompanied by lights and music.



• Go to the charming area of Kadikoy to enjoy one of the most beautiful coasts of Turkey.


Baghdad Street

• Going to the famous Baghdad Street in Asian Istanbul, which is equivalent to Istiklal Street is important to take some rare gifts.


Uskdar Beach

• Go to Uskdar Beach overlooking the European section to enjoy taking pictures in front of this beach and visit the famous girl tower in Istanbul.


The Hotel

• Return to the hotel at 9:30 pm.

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