Bursa 3 Days- Private Tour

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Depart from the hotel at nine in the morning, and go to the ferry by a bridge, and enjoy the views of the bridges located in Istanbul and then boarding the ferry.

Then go to the Gold Majesty Hotel to receive the rooms and take a break and then to the famous restaurant Iskandar in the city of Bursa for a meal Alexander meal and then go to the zoo located in the city and take memorial photos with rare animals and then return to the hotel.

On the second day at nine o’clock is the departure from the hotel to the old Ottoman village, which is the oldest capital of Turkey since the founding of the Ottoman countries and wander inside this old city and see the old alleys and enjoy seeing the historical houses and learn about the old Ottoman way of building houses, and then visit the Byzantine Church, which was Discovered in the sixth decade and eat lunch there and then go to the small waterfall of Bursa and the waterfall surroundings there cafes and restaurants, and then head to the giant tree, which ranges more than two thousand years to see its beauty and size, and then visit The famous covered market in Bursa where there are many shops for the acquisition of souvenirs and silk market to see all kinds of silk in all its forms and designs.

And then go to the green market, which is famous for the presence of spices for the city of Bursa, which is located inside everything that comes to mind of jewelry and jewelry, not acquiring them.

And then back to the hotel at nine o’clock.

On the third day, the rooms will be delivered at 9:00 am and then we will go to the cable car to climb to the highest peak in Bursa, the summit of Mount Kartepe, see the beauty of Bursa from above, do several other activities and take a tour of the forest. The other winter sports and then go to Koftegi Yusuf restaurant and eat a meal of famous kofta in this town and then go to Istanbul crossing the Halqoum factory to taste sweets of all kinds.


2 Nights Hotel Accomodation.
Tour Guide
Entrance Fees.
All transportation in destination location.
Any Private Expenses
Gifts and souvenirs.

What to Expect :

Explore the first capital of the Ottoman Empire on a small group full-day tour of Bursa from Istanbul.

Following a pick-up from your hotel on Istanbul’s European side, transfer to the port to catch a ferry to Yalova. Cross the Sea of Marmara. Then, relax in air-conditioned comfort on the 2-hour drive to Bursa.

Upon arrival, sample some of the local produce of the region, such as chestnuts, honey, olives, Turkish delights and more. See historic bazaars and sights, such as the Grand Mosque (Ulu Cami).

Next, climb a mountain for a barbecue lunch.



Day 1

• Departure from the hotel at nine in the morning.
• Access to the hotel to receive rooms (Bursa).
• Go to the restaurant for lunch.
• Visit the zoo.
• Return to the hotel.


Day 2

• Departure from the hotel at 9 am.
• Visit the old Ottoman village.
• Visit the Byzantine Church and have lunch there.
• Visit the small Bursa waterfall.
• Visit the giant tree The giant tree.
• Visit the famous Masqouf market in Bursa.
• Visit the green market.
• Return to the hotel.


Day 3

• Delivery of rooms at nine o’clock.
• Visit the cable car and climb to the highest peak in Bursa.
• Visit the forest and do other sports activities.
• Go to the restaurant for lunch.
• Visit the Halqoum factory.
• Return to Istanbul.


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