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June 30, 2021
Tourism in Yalova, blog

Yalova is considered one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Turkey and it is visited by a large number of visitors annually, due to the large number of tourism places in Yalova, as well as the presence of many recreational places and appropriate accommodations, and to ensure your knowledge of all areas that are worth a visit, we offer you a list of the most famous tourist places in Yalova

Best of Yalova hotels

In the city of Yalova, a group of the best hotels in Turkey, you can get to know the best hotels and resorts in Yalova, which we collected for you based on the good evaluations that were obtained from the Arab tourists, and given the level of services provided and their proximity to tourist places in Yalova … Read more


The most important tourist places in Yalova Turkey

Many visitors and tourists accept tourism in Yalova every year, because it contains stunning natural scenes and tourist places in Yalova worth visiting, and the most important of them are:

Termal Village

Termal Village has been known for its hot mineral springs that originate from the top of Termal Hill since the Roman era, where the water temperature in these springs ranges between 55 – 65 degrees Celsius.

Termal village is considered one of the most important tourist places in Yalova, and it is visited by many tourists, either for hospitalization or for recreation … Read more


Sudoshan Waterfall

Sodoshan Waterfall: One of the most important tourist places in Yalova, about 9 km from the village of Termal, and is considered a popular destination for tourists and Turkish residents in general.

The waterfall is characterized by its striking beauty and it is really remarkable. It is a wonderful waterfall and the coldness in the area makes you feel comfortable … Read more


Chedra Choir Village

Chedra Choir is a beautiful and quiet village suitable and one of the tourist places in Yalova, which is intended for those looking for calm and natural areas 12 kilometers from Termal village in Yalova, Turkey, the village is distinguished by its beautiful nature and the goodness of its residents.

Many Arab tourists visit the village every year, especially from the Arab Gulf, when they come for tourism in Yalova


Cinarcik Resort

Cinarcik: An area in the city of Yalova is considered one of the most popular resorts in the Sea of Marmara due to its easy access and the cleanliness of its sea, its picturesque forests and its quiet areas

Cinarcik embraces many historical places dating back to the ages of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire, so it is one of the best tourist places in Yalova

The city of Armutlu in Yalova Province

Armutlu, located in Yelwa Governorate, east of the Sea of Marmara, away from the city center of Yelwa, about 55 km.

It is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Yalova, as it includes a private tourist village characterized by its beauty and unique organization, and this made it the focus of attention of tourists who visit it throughout the year, as tourism is not limited to the summer season only.


Shopping within Yalova markets is an enjoyable experience and one of the distinctive activities when tourism in Yalova, where the city has many shops and famous clothing stores, which are spread in the streets of the city of Yalova cobbled.

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