Tourism in Risa

Tourism in Risa is considered one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey through its tourist diversity. Risa is located in northern Turkey, on the eastern side, overlooking the Black Sea coast.

It is one of the important tourism destinations in Turkey, as it is distinguished by its charming nature and its natural scenery that captivates hearts and captures eyesight.

Risa is famous for cultivating tea, as it is considered the first source of tea in Turkey, internally and even externally.

The history of the city of Risa

The Greeks inhabited the city of Rize and lived there during ancient times, and they called this city, which means in the Greek language the beauty of the mountains, due to the multiplicity of mountains and its beauty, where snow covers its high peaks, and the vegetables cover its lower parts.

The Greek rule of the city lasted for a long time, then Byzantine followed it until the year 1080 AD, when the Turkish Seljuks managed to open it and annex it to the cities under their control, and from that day until this day the city remained under Turkish control.

Best of Risa hotels

The Turkish city of Risa includes a group of the best hotels in Turkey, you get to know it through this topic, in which we chose the best recommended hotels in Risa .. Read more

Tourism in Risa Turkey

Risa city in Turkey embraces many tourist areas to spend the most beautiful tourist holiday imaginable and here we advise our Arab tourists to visit this city, they go to Trabzon to spend their holidays knowing that Risa is very close to the city of Trabzon, they can add them in the list of tourist places that they plan to visit and they will be happy with that

We can remind you of the most beautiful tourist places in Risa, Turkey, which are:

Eder village of Turkey

Eder village, located on a green plateau of the state of Risa in the Turkish north, attracts large numbers of Arab tourists and locals for tourism in Eder

The farms and waterfalls extend over long distances, and flowers, lush trees, gardens and orchards cover large areas of the village. It also surrounds the Ayder plateau, valleys, plains and high mountains that make this place even more magnificent. Read more

Ayder mineral baths

These bathrooms are located in the valleys of the village of Aydar, which is characterized by a charming green nature, and contains hot mineral water used in the treatment of skin, bone and other diseases or for the prevention and recuperation.

Black Sea coast

You can stay in one of the luxury hotels and resorts of Risa Turkey, or one of its country houses located on the Black Sea coast, which is characterized by the purity of its beach and its beauty, where it is advised to spend the summer vacation in it and enjoy the beauty of the city coast

Galen Tolo Falls

The Galen Tolo hot waterfalls are one of the most beautiful waterfalls that can be seen as pouring from the Eider Mountains in Risa Turkey to increase the beauty of the nature of the region and its charm.

The top of the Chagran Kaya Risa

One of the tourist places in which the city of Risa is famous in Turkey is the summit of Mount Cagran Kaya, which is the peaks of the mountains of Tksi in white color, where it is covered with snow and clear clouds, to give it a beautiful appearance .. Read more

Risa Castle

Risa Castle is one of the tourist places in Turkey, and the castle is located on a hill covered with plants located in the southwest of the Turkish city of Risa .. Read more

Vartina Darcy River

A wonderful river that passes through the Risa Turkish region, which is characterized by its clear waters and the wonderful environment that it provides.

Wadi Chat Village

Chat Village is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Risa Turkey. This village is located between a group of high mountains covered with green trees, it is an ideal destination for nature lovers and tranquility. As for Wadi Shatt, it is the most beautiful spot in this village, located near it

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