Tourism in Bursa

Tourism in bursa Turkey is one of the most famous and beautiful countries for a pleasant, relaxing, enjoyable and peaceful vacation. God loved Turkey with the beauty of beautiful nature and the distinctive archaeological sites. God singled out Turkey for a history and culture that appears in every corner of Turkey’s cities and streets.

Tourism in Turkey Bursa is characterized by diversity, as it overlooks the North on the Sea of Marmara, while on the South the Uludag mountain rises to reach the highest summit in the Marmara region, and it reaches a height of 23,499 meters above the sea.

Bursa is considered to be somewhat hot in the summer. Summer starts from late April to early October and the temperature ranges from 21 to 33 degrees Celsius.

Best Bursa hotels

Before getting to know the tourist attractions in Bursa, let us offer you a list of Turkey’s hotels that includes the best recommended Bursa hotels due to its location close to the vital places in the city, a distinct level of services and suitable prices … Read more


The most important tourist places in the city of Bursa Turkey

It was called the Green Bursa, because there are many parks, parks and green spaces in it, as it is an important destination for natural tourism enthusiasts, but Bursa city hosts many tourist places that attract tourists and the most important of them are:

The best 4 gardens in Bursa

Gardens are one of the most beautiful tourist places in Bursa, where the city includes a group of wonderful gardens, on this tab we show you the best gardens of Bursa Turkey, which is a distinctive destination for family outings and for tourists as well … Read more


The 5 most beautiful waterfalls in Bursa

The beautiful green city of Bursa by its nature and its tourist attractions, it includes several wonderful waterfalls that attract tourists from everywhere where we show you here the most beautiful waterfalls in Bursa, which we advise you to visit because they are one of the most beautiful tourist places in Bursa … Read more


The most important 6 lakes in Bursa

Lakes are one of the most important things that attract visitors to tourism in Bursa, as the city is surrounded by many charming lakes, some of which are well-known among Arab tourists, some of which the Arabs have not heard about yet, on this tab we show you the most beautiful lakes of Bursa … Read more


The most important 4 historical villages in the Turkish Stock Exchange

The Turkish Stock Exchange, the capital of the Ottoman Empire, was once the fourth largest city in Turkey and one of the most important cities in it.

On this tab, we show you the most important historical villages of Bursa, which are among the most prominent tourist attractions in Bursa … Read more


The best 4 entertainment venues in Bursa

Among the most beautiful places of tourism in Bursa are the places of entertainment, and for those who ask about places of entertainment in the Turkish city of Bursa, we review a group of Bursa parks and the best entertainment places in it … Read more


Hot spring baths in Bursa

On the western side of the city of Bursa Turkey and in an area located hot springs baths rich in iron and sulfur, which has become famous all over the Middle East, get to know it … Read more


Uludag Mountain Bursa

Uludag Mountain: Or as it is called the Great Mountain and some call it the legendary, it is the highest peak in the West Anatolia region and the Marmara region, it is considered one of the most famous tourist places on the Turkish Stock Exchange … Read more


Bursa cable car

Tourists mean the Turkish city of Bursa from all over the world to enjoy the ride in the Bursa cable car, which many consider a unique and unforgettable experience, as the famous Bursa cable car extends 9 km over the green Uludag mountain, to be the longest cable car in the world and is one of the most important tourist places in Bursa … Read more


The Great Mosque of Bursa

The Great Mosque: One of the most impressive antiques of the Ottoman era remaining in the Turkish city of Bursa, located in the heart of the city near the vital centers in it, is the first large mosque built by the Ottomans and is one of the most important tourist attractions on the Bursa Turkey … Read more


Historic tree Bursa

The historical tree in the Turkish city of Bursa: It is one of the largest perennial trees in Turkey, as it is one of the most important tourist attractions in the Stock Exchange of Turkey, where the length of its stem reaches 18.5 meters, and it rises 35 meters and reaches a lifetime of about 600 years, and it is said that the date of its cultivation dates back To the beginning of the Ottoman Empire … Read more


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