July 16, 2019

This green city that combines the charm of green nature with the beautiful blue coast with turquoise waters the finest places to visit in Turkey, the city nicknamed the pearl of the Black Sea.

Coming to Istanbul without visiting Sheila Wagua will be a great loss. This city is located 120 km from Istanbul, as it was considered the places of summer sultans and Ottoman princes overlooking the Black Sea and is characterized by its beauty and its old lighthouse built in the days of the old Ottoman in addition to its golden sandy beaches and high clad mountains. Dense and green trees and two rivers flow into the Black Sea, the Cook Soo and the Yeshilgai Rivers, which along them there are many cafes and boats that sail you on a tour of the sea and this area is small, but it is very useful for tourists to enjoy For entertainment like romantic hotels built above peaks and heights, they still maintain their natural beauty.

What can you do in this city:

You can take a boat tour between the two rivers.

You can enjoy the beaches and do many activities on the sandy beaches.

You can visit the Koksu River, visit the hidden park, the zoo, the ancient lighthouse, visit monuments, fishing, camping, safaris, and dive deep into the picturesque Black Sea all in one city.

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