July 1, 2019

It is a Turkish city, and the first inhabited by the people of the civilization of Phrygia, where they settled in 1200 BC and was the first Turkish invasion in the eleventh century AD, to be taken by the Ottomans in the fourteenth century AD To the north is the Sabanga Lake, bordered to the east by the Samanli Mountains, to the south it is bordered by Givi and bordered to the west by the center of Kocaeli and Izmit.The area of ​​Sabanja city is about 140 km2, and is 36 meters high above sea level. Sapanca has a warm climate the best times for tourism are in June, July and August. It is the warmest month, with December having the highest rainfall.

What can you do in this city?

You can visit the historical sites of Sabangah.There are several famous historical sites in Sabanja, including the Sultanah Rahima Mosque, which was established by Sultan Rahima the fourth wife of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Majid I in 1892, the oldest mosque in this city, which was restored in 1967.

A visit to the Byzantine sarcophagus and tombs is a Byzantine stone sarcophagus with four tombs displayed in front of the government office in Sabanga, two of which were found in 1976.

It is certain to visit the Sabanga Lake in close proximity in a natural atmosphere and the establishment of barbecues

And enjoy watching the different types of birds as the lake contains the strangest and most beautiful birds through the world in addition to other animals such as monkeys and other animals and do not forget to take memorial photos with this atmosphere.

You can also take a fun expedition around the lake and enjoy the beauty of the forest that surrounds the lake

You can also visit Mount Kartbeh, which is more than 1600 meters high and features a fairy view of the lake and the town of Sabnja and also enjoy skiing and other sports at the top of the mountain

You can also visit the area where the beauty of orchards meets with waterfalls, where this region is famous for the presence of more than 20 waterfalls and visit the restaurants near the waterfalls and taste the most delicious local dishes and famous for this region and eat fish meal

He can also visit the village of Naturköy, which you cannot have seen the magic of such a charm that combines the beauty of nature from one place and the beauty of the surrounding mountains from another place and also a small lake and some pets such as ducks, geese and rabbits.

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