February 25, 2019

Marmaris is an unforgettable journey that has become a prominent symbol of tourism in Turkey

The title of the most beautiful beach in Turkey Marmaris beach

Marmaris is about two hours away from the city of Fethiye in the west.You can stay in one of the luxury hotels of Marmaris or visit during a stay in a hotel in Fethiye.Marmaris is described as having the most beautiful natural port in Turkey, where pine forests and evergreen trees surround the quiet coast.The harbor is the most beautiful parts of the city Luxury yachts anchor along its coastline, featuring dozens of stylish restaurants, cafes, luxury hotels, playgrounds and children’s parks, and boat rides that take passengers to other beaches of Marmaris. The Dalyan River is the most famous natural landmark in Marmaris A guide on a boat to sail in the river deltas interspersed with reed plants, up to the turtle beach where Creta Creta turtles lay their eggs in the warm sandy beach, through rock tombs or “tombs of the kings” that can be clearly seen from the river where they draw on the surrounding mountains In the Delta.

To enjoy a hot mud bath in one of the sulfur baths at the end of the river, Marmaris is characterized by its charming beaches and the most famous Ichmler Beach, which becomes crowded in the summer months, and is about 7 km from Marmaris and has a dark soil and a long paved walkway surrounded by restaurants, cafes and hotels, and enjoy evening in the evening The music and the view of the dancing fountains in the large square in the center of the old city, where transformed into a spectacular show heroes colorful dancing fountains and meticulous sculptures very fine and beautiful increase Marmaris charm and brilliance.

You can also visit the historic city of Dalian, which is reached by boat or yacht, a city with very ancient historical features carved on rocks and mountain peaks.

Of course, do not forget to practice sports and the best in this city is a pocket adventure that you only need to wear a helmet and wear comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes to experience the motorcycle driving other team members to compete to reach the end point and battle with water pistols.

An unforgettable adventure.

It is worth mentioning that it carries a historical landmark bearing the historical values ​​of the city, the great Marmaris Castle.

The city does not regret visiting.

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