September 26, 2018

Monuments and Waterfalls

Manavgat Waterfall

You can plan to visit Manavgat during your stay in a hotel in Antalya, it is not more than an hour away, and it is a popular destination for visitors and Turks as well, and is famous for high Manavgat waterfalls, and can be reached by waterfalls by bus or taxi, a great place for walks surrounded by extensive gardens and the sound of water purl And a spray of a refreshing atmosphere of the heart and soul, can take a boat tour on the beautiful river Turquoise, and there are a number of fish restaurants around.

The Oymapinar Dam is one of the most beautiful natural scenic sites, and is characterized by its turquoise waters surrounded by the Taurus Mountains, and needs access to a tourist guide as it is located between the rugged mountains, and there are restaurants with a charming view of the water and mountains, and for more fun you can visit the water recreation Nashira Residents of Manavgat Hotels surrounding the water park enjoy free admission, while the entrance fee is 30 LBP per person. If you are an archaeologist, do not miss the Greek Theater and Temple of Apollo in the town of Seda. D theater of the largest and most important Greek monuments preserved in Turkey, can capture the finest images of the effects overlooking the sea at a cost of 15 pounds.

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