December 15, 2018

An entertaining trip for the family

Goynuk groove in Kemer

Kemer is about half an hour away from Antalya and can be visited from Antalya hotels or you can stay in one of the luxury hotels and resorts Kemer, it is a famous tourist attraction and busy summer, and is characterized by its charming nature and activities suitable for family trips, and can not visit Kemer without enjoying the cable car ride ” Olympus, which takes you from the beach to the foot of Mount Tahtali with a € 25 ticket, take the most memorable pictures of the breathtaking views and panoramic views of the mountains, the sea and the sky.At the top of the mountain there is a group of professional photographers who take you the most beautiful shots for € 12 Image, and is rich Kimmer historical monuments such as the ancient city Phaselis located in the “Tekirova” area of ​​up to 2,700 years old, prompting the authorities to be considered a natural reserve is a haven for fugitives from the noise of the city of Kemer.

You can also take an adventure trip and climb to the Goynuk gorge, which offers a golden opportunity to walk for several kilometers in narrow roads and rugged paths with swimming pools and lie down and enjoy a picnic barbecue, and near the gully there is a “dinosaur park” that children will love despite its frightening forms. Figurines for dinosaurs and many restaurants, shops and children’s games at a cost of 25 euros, while the park “York Folklore” offers a unique experience reflecting the atmosphere of traditional and traditional heritage of Turkey, and several meters away from the harbor of Kemer, where you can dine in heritage tents and tables on the ground decorated with delicious cuisineThe Turkish and all this at a cost of entering 2 Turkish Lira only.

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