December 30, 2018

Luxury tourism and hotels

Skull in Turkey

Geshma is about 88 km west of Izmir and is suitable for a day trip from Izmir hotels due to its high hotel prices, which distinguishes it from other tourist resorts in western Turkey, a charming city characterized by the many sandy beaches, which become crowded in tourist seasons, The most important is Ilica Beach, which is spread around luxury hotels and resorts, and extends on several kilometers of white sand and shallow turquoise waters suitable for children swimming, where you can walk with water up to 100 meters, as abound in the body of clubs and entertainment cities, such as the water city Acua Toy, which is dominated by luxury and The price of entry is 50 TL per person, and includes several sections of water slides mostly suitable for children, in addition to many restaurants with gardens, elegant balconies and fine dishes, and the city closes its doors at six in the evening and become crowded on the weekend, while the “Castle of Jeshma” It is one of the most important historical monuments in the city, and includes a museum and a number of wonderful bronze statues, and can be reached on foot from the bus station of Jeshma, and enjoys a breathtaking view of the harbor and the corresponding Greek islands, surrounded by some of the hotels of Jeshma in addition to many markets Restaurants in the old town, which is perfect for relaxing in front of the sea.

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