November 7, 2018

Historic neighborhoods and busy markets

Hadrian’s Temple in Izmir

Izmir is located on the west coast of Turkey, one of the most important and largest cities in the country, and is characterized by its landmarks, hotels and crowded living markets.Kordon Buyo Corniche is the largest family gathering center for hiking and recreation, which stretches about 4 km and is surrounded by restaurants, cafes and hotels The charming view of the sea, and includes a private road for bicycles and pedestrian and is ideal in the pleasant summer evening hours, also known “Alsancak” in the center of the city for its luxury hotels and markets, especially shops for processing brides and weddings, and is located the old bazaar or what is known as the S “Kimeralta” which includes dozens of shops selling jewelry and accessories and vegetable markets, fish, spices and handicrafts, and dotted with dozens of restaurants that spread of the smell of delicious Turkish kebab.

Close to the bazaar, the 16th-century Hasar Mosque is the largest mosque in Izmir and is a break from the bazaars of the city, the bustle of the city and the summer heat. Asansor is famous for its historic elevator from 1907, which provided the trouble of climbing 155 degrees. At the top of the neighborhood, there are cafes with panoramic views of the Corniche and the sea, and there are also many excellent Izmir hotels. It is also a fun experience for families to visit the Wildlife Zoo, which includes dozens of species of animals in addition to restaurants, gardens and children’s playgrounds, all at the cost of entry of 3 lira.

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