November 18, 2018

Two continents in your hands


We will start the fairy tale of Turkish tourism from its fairy capital Istanbul, a city that brings together the West and East, and represents a link between Asia and Europe, Istanbul has priceless tourist treasures, making it on the list of the most popular tourist destinations that are popular with travelers, and the beauty of Istanbul In the building of the Hagia Sophia, ranging from church to mosque to museum, to reduce the dazzling Christian paintings and paintings with the prestige of Islamic minarets and a bunch of art that deserves to be a museum intended far and near, to become one of the most beautiful architectural artifacts in the East.

We recommend that you stay in a hotel in the Sultanahmet area, for pleasure beyond, this neighborhood, described as the heart of Istanbul, includes dozens of hotels, shops, restaurants and shops of delicious Turkish shawarma, and takes you in its narrow paved alleys and archaeological stairs and elegant buildings to explore the sights of Istanbul Go for a walk to the Galata Bridge or the majestic Blue Mosque with its elegant night-lit minarets, book a hotel near the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Souk for a shopping trip filled with vendor voices and bargain noise, or to Topkapi Palace overlooking The Golden Horn and the Sea of ​​Marmara, which has been the center of the Ottoman sultans’ rule for hundreds of years, to the Dolmabahce Palace, which is said to be the most luxurious and most expensive palaces in the world, and at a simple cost does not exceed 40 TL you can dive into the world of pomp and gold, luxurious chandeliers and decorative decorations in two sections Haramlik and Salamlik.

The sunken palace, or basilica basin, is another kind of palace. It is like a magical underground world. This monumental building dating back to the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I attests to the greatness of Istanbul, which has been ahead of the world since the dawn of civilization. Today, it is a shrine to capture the most beautiful pictures of floating lighted columns at night for added admiration. In Beyoglu district, which includes the famous Taksim Square, you can go to the shopping world on Istiklal Street, Istanbul’s most famous street, surrounded by dozens of hotels, restaurants and cafes. Ancient archaeological buildings FH, and the busiest not always broken, but the historical metro passes to remind you that you are always in the history of Istanbul, so we must book a hotel in Istanbul when visiting Turkey.

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