June 17, 2019

Known in Turkey as “Misri carcisi”, also known as the spice market, is located in the Eminonu area, and is the second largest market Istanbul, built during the reign of Sultan Murad III in 1597, with the aim of financing the construction of the new mosque in Istanbul, which is located directly opposite the market.

The market includes a number of shops such as spice shops, natural herbs, nuts, cheese and dairy stores, in addition to Turkish confectionery shops that sell the convenience of Halgoum, milk and Turkish bits, honey and dried fruit, as well as Turkish gold shops and souvenir shops.

The market is one of the cheapest markets in the city of Istanbul, prices are cheap and cheap overall.

How to go to the Egyptian market in Istanbul?

You can go to the market from Taksim Square, where you must go to Kabatas by Taksim Metro Station, and then climb into the tramway to the Aminonu area, which is 4 stops from Kabatas.

You can also go from Sultanahmet to Golhana and Sirkeci and then reach the market.

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