December 4, 2018

You will be surprised

Pamukkale Castle in Denizli

Denizli is about two and a half hours from Antalya.You can also stay in one of the various Denizli hotels.Tourism in this region is different from other regions of Turkey.It is unconventional and even extraordinary tourism.Denizli is famous for its hot baths or what is known as bamukkale. These baths are a collection of limestone terraces that at first glance look like piled snow, but in fact they are archaeological baths dating back to the second century BC, and are filled with hot water of varying degrees and whose visitors believe in their ability to heal and cure, and surrounded the baths of the ancient city “Hirapo” The ‘Keloglan Cave’ is also a wonderful landmark in Denizli.The discovery of the cave area needs to walk about 4 km and the entrance fee of 3 TL for a 15-minute tour of the distinctive cave in its forms. Alien, a journey accompanied by astonishment.

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