March 14, 2019

Bursa is the oldest and oldest city in Turkey as it was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire.

It is the city that brought together beauty and civilization and old because of the interest of the Turkish government and tourists.

The oldest historical and archaeological monuments are located in the city of Bursa if it contains ancient heritage mosques.

Bursa has a mild climate, but it may vary from place to place. There is a soft and warm climate of the Sea of ​​Marmara in the north and the harshest and hottest period in Bursa is between July and September and the coldest period between February and March.

What can you do in this city:

This ancient city is characterized by everything that is archaeological and ancient, which includes a lot of ancient museums and archaeological mosques and recommend travelers who want to stay in this city to stay in the region of Mudanya to take advantage of the hot springs and nearby tourist areas.

Tourists who wish to visit Bursa can do many activities, including visiting the Grand Bazaar, which houses many shops and souvenirs.

You can visit the neighborhood near the Grand Bazaar, whose houses are known for their colorful houses.

Visit the charming lakes town with historic Greek houses that are home to many migratory birds.

He can also visit the museum where he collects court art built by Sultan Mehmet Chalabi, who also houses the Green Mosque.

Visit the Bursa Botanical Museum of Anatolia, Kazagur Museum, Archaeological Museum and Merino Park. You can also see the history of the city closely by seeing the archaeological doors everywhere and seeing the greatest old tree of more than 2000 years.

Of course, before you leave this city, you must climb the cable car that accompanies you to the highest peak in Bursa and see its beauty and charm from the top and play skiing games, riding and touring the forest.

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