June 6, 2019

The city of Istanbul is the most important Turkish cities of civilization, tourist attractions vary as well as tourist attractions vary between markets, mosques, palaces, gardens, restaurants, archaeological sites, entertainment places, ferries, cruises and many more and many recreational places that visitors visit in particular, of course Everyone loves to buy souvenirs in Istanbul takes a very special character so you do not miss to go to the Arasta roofed market dedicated only to buy everything that is manual.

Arasta handicraft market is located on the north side of Torun Street behind Sultanahmet Mosque in Istanbul, which is located in Sultanahmet area where the area is characterized by important monuments and tourist attractions, historical mosques, mosques, markets, restaurants, parks and museums. More than seventy shops were sold in this Ottoman market war supplies for soldiers and cavalry and were manufactured by hand, the old market buildings were a number of monuments and ancient Byzantine ruins were a narrow alley filled with shops and restored In the Ottoman Empire and covered to become a market where the sale of things such as traditional hand-made carpets, rugs, souvenirs, copper tools, mirrors, tools and porcelain Azniki and scents and fragrances and hand-made perfumes, leather and shoes and in 1930 was found excavations dating back to the Byzantine era, which proved to be part of An ancient Byzantine mansion was exploited after the Ottoman conquest of Istanbul.

At the beginning of the twentieth century in 1912, the market was exposed to a fire that ravaged the old Ottoman form, which the market was for many years. If you are a fan of Ottoman Turkish art such as carpets, furnishings, bedspreads, leather, shoes, bags, copper and silver accessories, handmade copper utensils, handmade ceramic arts of Ottoman or mosaic art and blue eyes that distinguish the Turkish people and utensils and coffee tools all you will find inside this distinctive market very.

After completing your tour of the covered market Arasta you can tour the Sultanahmet area and see the amazing sights there or go to the port of Eminonu for ferries and take a trip inside the Bosphorus port and enjoy delicious Turkish food on Ottoman carriages, especially fish pie or exit the manual market To enter and tour the Egyptian market dedicated to the trade of spices, herbs and coffee contains more than 85 shops most of the goods of cereals and nuts or go to one of the restaurants in the Sultanahmet area in front of the market Arasta to eat Turkish delicacies best known shawarma and kebabs Luxurious Turkish with very special Eran drink.

Perhaps the most important thing that comes to the mind of the visitor to the Turkish territory is the souvenirs that he will acquire to cross the country where he was and this is evident in the market Arasta to sell Turkish handicrafts of heritage and Ottoman character, the most important blue eyes that you will find in every corner of the market and Copper, silver and gold accessories, leather carpets, hand-embroidered furnishings with Ottoman inscription, hand-embroidered clothing, Ottoman inscriptions, shawls and scarves made and hand-embroidered.

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