January 28, 2019

Capital of Culture and Politics

Ankara Castle

The Turkish capital Ankara is known for being the political and cultural capital of Turkey.The entertainment activities range from parks, museums and modern shopping malls.It is a suitable destination for family trips and has many luxury hotels suitable for all budgets. Important, the entrance ticket is 15 liras, where the visitor moves between the various halls documenting the history of civilizations that have settled Turkey from prehistoric times to the present day, with a focus on the effects of the Hittite civilization that left its mark in this country. Rich.

The Rahmi Koj Museum offers a new and amazing experience for museums that combine hobby, fun and culture. This museum occupies one of the buildings more than 500 years old, and displays various types of machinery and equipment, industrial and electrical with the stages of development of transport, and it is a favorite place for young people as it contains various types Cars, objects and exciting games, is also famous for the beautiful cafe in the interior lobby, which allows visitors to see the various artifacts while eating tea and coffee, and wherever you decide to book a hotel in Ankara you can enjoy visiting and see the huge Kocatepe Mosque, the largest mosque in Ankara, and seems to Luo The first is a copy of the Sultanahmet Mosque in Istanbul.It consists of 4 minarets and a number of large and small domes.It is surrounded by a large number of popular markets that are full of people.The parks have a great interest in Ankara.The city has dozens of wonderful parks for walks such as Genclik Park which includes A large amusement park and lake surrounded by cafeterias and cafes, with beautiful walking routes and children’s playgrounds, while Dikmen Vadisi in the city center is the most beautiful place to gather at noon and in the quiet evenings. The dancer and the Neighbor roses and tract Trouh self and the body, and the closing of keeping with the shopping tour is not repeated in AnkAmall Mall, which is the second largest shopping center in Turkey, featuring dozens of international brands stores with a special section for restaurants famous fast food.

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