February 16, 2019

The most beautiful beach in the Riviera


You can spend a day trip to the city of Alanya from the hotels of Antalya, it is about 115 km from Antalya, and if you fall in love with this cityfahzoa one of the many hotels Alanya, this city is described as having the most beautiful beaches on the Turkish Riviera coast, “Cleopatra Beach” Names here, this beach has won the approval of all visitors to the city, which they consider the most beautiful beaches of Turkey, and becomes crowded in the summer months, where people enjoy lying on chairs and under the many umbrellas scattered on the long sandy beach, and can walk along the coast to the majestic Alanya Castle. Surrounds Beach group of hotels, restaurants, shops and children’s playgrounds and a garden where fountains and tennis courts.

Alanya has unique monuments such as the castle with stunning views of the beach and the most beautiful pictures can be taken from its walls at a cost of 15 pounds, as well as the “Red Tower” of the most important Seljuk monuments in the city and dates back to the 13th century, and the area of ​​Lake “Demkai” with a variety of restaurants with balconies overlooking On the river, Demkay Lake is the main source of drinking water for Alanya, and visitors flock to it especially on hot summer days due to its pleasant atmosphere and dense trees that shade the place, in addition to taste delicious fish dishes and Turkish cuisine, Alanya also has its harbor which is one of the oldest M ports of Turkey, anchored boats offering hour-long cruises to explore the surrounding landscape and rocky mountains, abounding bazaars and markets as well as gardens adorned with dancing fountains and pools and bridges romantic and illuminated at night.

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