February 4, 2019

Race for first place

Central Mosque in Adana

Adana is located in the south of Turkey and close to the Syrian border, and can be reached by land or by air as it has an airport. Adana is characterized by its fragrant Turkish airspace. One thousand worshipers, surrounded by the “Central Park” which stretches along the Sihan River, for more than a kilometer, and contains many children’s playgrounds and roads for walking, jogging and cycling, and while you walk around the site Tas Bridge, the oldest bridge still in service in the world, a bridge Roman stone and dedicated to pedestrians and cyclist It is ideal for walking and taking pictures of the central mosque, which overlooks its evening lights as a dream and not a reality.Adana has its modern markets such as the Optimum Outlet shopping mall, which resembles a small city that needs several days to fully explore.It consists of approximately 4 floors with various International brands, fast-food restaurants, children’s entertainment centers, a ski lounge, a cinema, a supermarket and other fun surroundings to spend hot days in a closed entertainment city.

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