17 of the most important Istanbul museums that we advise you to visit

Istanbul includes historical palaces and ancient mosques, modern malls, the best baths in the world, in addition to museums in Istanbul, which tell a lot about the country’s antiquity and attract tourists from all over the world to the Tourist places in Istanbul. Istanbul Turkey

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Istanbul has a variety of hotels that are close to the most famous tourist attractions. The accommodations offer the finest rooms and suites that guarantee their guests a comfortable and distinguished stay while ensuring the best services. Below we will present a list of the best Turkey’s hotels Istanbul according to the opinions and ratings of Arab visitors.. Read more


The best museums in Istanbul

Istanbul is famous for its unique collection of museums and historical palaces that present the history of the country through the ages and the different cultures and empires that ruled it.Istanbul Guide< /a> In this, we will learn about the most important museums in Istanbul, which we recommend visiting:

Topkapi Museum

One of the most beautiful Turkish palaces, but rather an elegant edifice that was the main administrative headquarters for the rule of the country during the Ottoman Empire, then the palace was converted into a museum and became one of the most important museums in Istanbul, where it has a unique design and distinctive towers, and consists of several small buildings inlaid with white marble And the elegant wooden arabesque decorations that cover its walls.. Read more


Hagia Sophia Museum

It is considered the most famous museum in Istanbul, where the famous Byzantine Hagia Sophia is characterized by its huge high dome and its walls decorated with mosaics that draw rare inscriptions, which made it one of the most important museums in Istanbul and the most visited among the city’s landmarks, as it offers an amazing mixture of Christian icons that converge with authentic Islamic inscriptions and columns And the prayer yard.. Read more


Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace is one of the most important museums in Istanbul, which is characterized by an elegant design that speaks of luxury, surrounded by wonderful gardens decorated with fountains and rare sculptures.  Read more


Istanbul panorama

Panorama Museum is a unique historical view that deserves to be seen. This museum is distinguished by its acquisition of the latest audio-visual technologies when it reviews in detail the events of the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople, which began in 1453, the most famous war battle in the country’s history.. Read more

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Islamic Museum Istanbul

It is one of the best museums in Istanbul, which was transformed from a palace by Minister Ibrahim Pasha into a museum in 1914 AD, and includes among its corridors a rare collection of collectibles and antiquities dating back to the Islamic civilization that coalesce with Turkish collectibles, so you see a bouquet of rare manuscripts, along with personal belongings for months Characters of the Ottoman Empire.. Read more


Rumeli Siege

Rumli Castle is one of the most important museums in Istanbul, which dates back to 1452 AD as a fortress of the country. .. Read more


Istanbul Archeology Museum

It is one of the most important museums in Istanbul, where it is very popular with tourists, and the museum consists of its three buildings, each of which represents a separate museum that includes among its corridors rare artifacts that tell stories about the history of the country from the first civilizations to our time. The museum is located in Istanbul, specifically In the prestigious Eminonu area.. Read more


Istanbul Museum of Modern Art

The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art is one of the best museums in Istanbul for connoisseurs of art in all its forms. Next to the valuable library.. Read more


Istanbul Toy Museum

The Toy Museum in Istanbul, whose name you think most of its visitors are from children, but when you visit the museum you will find it teeming with adults as well, as the museum provides them with an opportunity to recall joyful memories among the most famous dolls collected from different parts of the world. Attractive nearly 10 thousand games.. Read more


Istanbul Snow Museum

A museum in Istanbul transports you as soon as you step inside it to the atmosphere of the North Pole to find yourself at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius, and ice surrounds you from all sides. Creative artists in one of the most important museums of Istanbul.. Read more


Istanbul Wax Museum

It is an original copy from among 24 museums in different countries of the earth, so it enjoys great fame among Istanbul’s distinguished museums. The Wax Museum is divided into several halls and each hall includes sculptures that are almost precisely designed, and vary between famous art and football, and prominent historical figures In the country, and many others.. Read more

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Istanbul Chocolate Museum

This museum gives you an opportunity to taste a unique type of art, as it consists of 3 halls that include wonderful sculptures made of chocolate, and each hall specializes in a distinct way from the other, one of which constitutes the charming nature between trees and chocolate waterfalls, and the other includes sculptures of the most prominent landmarks of Turkey, and the last one is dedicated For children, featuring sculptures of Disney characters.. Read more


Istanbul Aviation Museum

One of the most important museums in Istanbul, located specifically in the Florya region, which is divided into two parts, one of which is an open-air exhibition that includes a large collection of civil and military aircraft and a group of ancient used weapons, and the other part is closed and contains a unique selection of weapons used in the Ottoman era And VIP belongings.. Read more


Cora Istanbul Museum

One of the best museums in Istanbul. It is a wonderful ancient church dating back to the Byzantine era. It is characterized by an amazing architectural design in its outer structure with multiple domes, while from the inside it reflects the finest types of art in the wonderful frescoes that cover the walls of the church, and its ceiling is adorned with unique Byzantine mosaics. . Read more


Rahmi Koc Museum

It is one of Istanbul’s museums specializing in various fields. It presents the stages of the development of industry, transportation, and communications in Turkey over time, beside art galleries and historical manuscripts. The museum is divided into several halls. The visitor finds a land transport hall, a railway hall, and another displaying old ships. The boats.. Read more


Ataturk Museum

The Ataturk Museum, which has a special and distinctive character among the group of Istanbul museums, tells its visitors the details of the great march of the leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder and first president of the state, and where the palace was at that time the residence of the president’s family, then turned into a museum in 1942 AD..  Read more


Istanbul Naval Museum

The Naval Museum houses a large number of military belongings of the Ottoman Navy, which made it distinguished among the ancient museums of Istanbul, thanks to its ancient antiques such as models of warships and boats, etc. Read more< /a>




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